AFAQ is an institute that provides a diverse range of services, including curriculum development, textbooks and children’s publications, teacher training, youth promotion, career counseling, student assessment, and evaluation.

  • Overview

    The learning and training institute needs the best software solution to maintain its education and learning system. Thus, we offered them an LMS software system that enables their educational processes to work more efficiently on a digital platform within a few clicks.

  • Technology

    The technology we used is .Net

  • Project goals

    We have focused on raising the organization's productivity and performance to help them resolve the distance learning issues with our customized LMS software solution.

  • Project results

    AFAQ-LMS enables students/teachers to get easy online learning/informational access to all the educational-related tasks and activities systematically.


To maintain the education and student learning management system, their key difficulty is to tackle the distant learning problems during COVID duration.


For the students to have access to online studies, AFAQ needs a solution that enables teachers, students, and parents to connect via virtual studies. They were given a learning management system (LMS) by Cyber Advance Solution, a versatile software program with adaptable modules. LMS software is specifically created for school stakeholders to integrate all administration and record-keeping data of students learning schedules under one roof. By monitoring students' assignments, and curricular activities, and generating question papers, and quizzes, LMS is a web-based tool that plan, organizes, and implements learning processes for students. It offers flexibility and supports education in situations where teachers and students do not physically connect, and it especially worked out during quarantine times. Features of LMS software
  • Timetable schedule
  • Attendance tracking
  • Submission of assignments
  • Admission fee module
  • Recorded lectures
  • Assessment/ notifications announcement
  • Result module
  • Performance tracking of students


As a result, AFAQ turns its educational learning system into a smart learning management system LMS that allows students to access all their educational materials on a single platform and allows schools/teachers to deliver lessons and other educational tasks in an organized and systematic approach.  

Project Info

  • Client AFAQ
  • Date September 23, 2022
  • Address 18-A, Johar Town, Lahore.
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