COTHM’s, the only hotel school in Pakistan that has received recognition and affiliation from renowned British and American awarding agencies for its Standard Gold education and training in hospitality, travel, tourism, culinary arts, baking, and food safety. One of the famous training institutes that provides studying travel, tourism, and airline management with actual IATA training is COTHM.

  • Overview

    For its daily operations activities, the project needs the best automation solutions, and we provide them with a dynamic software system that fits their demands and purposes.

  • Technology

    The technology we used for the project was Core.NET.

  • Project goals

    We focus on improving the productivity and performance of the business to help them achieve their target goals.

  • Project results

    Project results cause the achievement of business operations to manage all their campus under one roof, making it efficient and smooth.


Running their whole administration and campuses manually, including managing their staff, accounts, admissions, and HR operations records is their biggest issue. They found that monitoring the entire system is quite difficult to run their whole business procedures successfully. cothm's  


They desire a solution that allows them to organize all of their departments through a single system. A system that is easy to operate and can manage their day-to-day activities automatically. Therefore, we offered them a cost-effective, unique customized ERP system for their management tasks. With its support, they can quickly manage their HR operations, student records, and account activities effectively and successfully. The incredible features of the system result in efficiently following the daily activities of their 17 sub-campuses on a single system-managed platform.


As a result, COTHM now uses our software to execute all of its management functions instead of doing it manually. Their campus can simply track all the actions of their all campuses within a single click. Now, Cothm runs entirely well systematically and has automated all of its procedures.  

Project Info

  • Client COTHM
  • Date June 30, 2022
  • Address 185 - Abubakar Block, New Garden Town, Canal Road. Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan-54000
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