With a focus on character development and training students to be assets to society, DHAI seeks to deliver a high standard of education in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Their curriculum is based on the requirements of the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

  • Overview

    To automate school administrative operations, the institution requires the best software solutions, and we gave them dynamic systems and applications that matched their demands and goals.

  • Technologies

    The technology we used is .Net

  • Project goals

    To assist the organization in achieving its planned goals for the school system, we have focused on increasing productivity and performance.

  • Project results

    We transform DHAI campuses into electronic smart schools by employing our ESM & ERP software modules so that they can simply streamline their regular school administration and management tasks.


The main issue they have is running their administration and management system manually. This includes monitoring their staff, fees and system administration, employee data and records, the campus management system, admissions & finance management, and HR operations records.


They desire a solution that enables them to utilize a single platform to handle all of their 7 campuses' administrative and educational operations. a user-friendly, error-free software system that can take care of all of their regular activities and operations with only a few clicks. We at Cyber Advance Solutions' ERP & ESM software systems, which are our specialized software solutions, were offered to them. Both software products provide modules for keeping track of tasks, data, and processes for all schools under one roof. Electronic school management software ESM is a web-based school management solution that is simple to use, quick, and error-free, and provided them with the application/software system to efficiently handle the records and information of students, parents, instructors, and institution personnel. While ERP software is designed to monitor and record the administrative activity of educational organizations for schools. It contains all the modules that instructors and other staff members require to keep track of all student records.
  • Maintaining academic records.
  • Online fee collection.
  • Timetable planning etc.


In a nutshell, DHAI employs our software to carry out all of its school administration procedures automatically rather than manually. Their main campus can easily monitor all of the activities of their other campuses through a single portal. Now DHAI operates systematically and has automated all of its institution processes.  

Project Info

  • Client DHAI
  • Date September 16, 2022
  • Address Sector F, DHA Islamabad, Phase - II
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