Our USA client runs a courier company EXCEL LOAD which is a city-to-city supplier of transport and Logistics Solutions.

  • Overview

    The client desire to have an online platform on which he can handle different bility companies.

  • Technology

    React for mobile apps and PHP(Laravel) for web applications.

  • Project goals

    To provide a user-friendly mobile and web application with secure and trusted features.

  • Project results

    EXCEL LOAD is now operating on Android/IOS as the best courier company for both admin and clients.


The client required an online trusted platform on which they can handle different bility companies.


We have created a mobile and web application where registered bility companies can offer logistics services. Live chat, admin/client notification, parcel/shipping tracking history and shipment pricing calculator, and availability on both the App store and google play store are among the best features that make up both web/mobile apps functional.


EXCEL LOAD is perfect for logistics and transportation services and can be used on the web or in mobile applications. It offers a complete shipment history with all the information, which attracts businesses to allow themselves to be digitally present on the save site.  

Project Info

  • Client Excelload
  • Date June 30, 2022
  • Address 185 - Abubakar Block, New Garden Town, Canal Road. Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan-54000
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