Lahore Garrison Education System

Lahore Garrison Education System is a widespread education organization in Lahore Cantt, Pakistan. The Education system has a branch network of schools and colleges that offer quality education at affordable costs from the Montessori level to the master’s degree level.

  • Overview

    Educational institutions need the best automation solutions for their daily operations, and we provide them with access to a versatile software system that meets their needs and supports their goals.

  • Technologies

    The technology we used is

  • Project goals

    To assist in achieving the targeted educational management goals, we have focused on increasing the productivity and performance of the educational management system.

  • Project results

    By implementing our ESM & ERP software modules, we turn Lahore Garrison Education System into an electronic smart school that enables them to easily streamline their daily school management tasks systematically.


Their main challenge is manually managing all aspects of their administration and campuses, including the records for managing their employees' data, accounts, admissions processes, and HR operations. To successfully manage their entire organizational activities, they noticed that monitoring the overall system is quite difficult.


They need a solution that enables them to use a single platform to handle all of their campuses' administrative and educational operations. a user-friendly, error-free software system that can take care of all of their daily tasks and activities with only a few clicks. As a result, Cyber Advance Solutions ERP & ESM software systems, which are our customized software solutions, were given to them. Both software programs have modules for keeping track of tasks, records, and processes for all campuses under one roof. Electronic school management software ESM is a web-based school management solution that is simple to use, quick to load, error-free, and assists them with the software system to efficiently handle the information and records of students, parents, teachers, and institution faculty. Additionally, ERP software manages system administration tasks for their institution or workforce. An ERP solution can be used to monitor and provide all employees with access to the information they require while tracking a department's performance and operations for improvement.


Thus, Lahore Garrison Education System has automated all of its processes and operates systematically as a result. Instead of performing all of its school management activities manually, LGES uses our customized software. All the activities and operations of their campuses may easily be tracked by their main campus using dynamic modules of the software.  

Project Info

  • Client LGES
  • Date September 17, 2022
  • Address Sect. 9-Link Tufail Road Lahore Cantt. Pakistan
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