PAYIT is the most trustworthy and economical FinTech, offering online payment services throughout the nation in collaboration with Pakistani state bank-approved gateways. They provide a simple, easy, and quick method of payment modules for educational institutions and other payment services.

  • Overview

    With PayIT, customers will no longer need to make physical payments because of a digital payment system. To make their business secure for their customers, we provided them with a complete system of electronic payment applications.

  • Technology

    .Net, Bootstrap, CSS, SQL, and custom APIs.

  • Project Goals

    The project objectives are to offer the fastest digital payment services that build customer trust, simplify organization accounting transactions, and prioritize secure payments.

  • Project Results

    With our customized modules of the software payment application, PayIT now PayIT works as a FinTech online payment tool for users.


The major obstacle and aim they have is transforming physical payment fees and other payment methods into an online payment app. They desire a simple and easier solution for all educational institutions and users to streamline the hassle-free payment processes.


We at Cyber Advance Solutions provide them with a FinTech application software product that has different digital payment modules and networks to make the payment method easier and more trustworthy for the users. The digital network comprises.
  • Mobile banking.
  • Internet banking.
  • ATM
We designed their online payment app with customized versatile modules which make the fee payment and fulfill all aspects of payment services for the parent, students, and other users to pay in a systematic and hassle-free manner. The modules comprise;
  • Online payment: Allows parents and students to pay using a credit/debit card or a bank account through our secure platform.
  • Payment channels: Allows users to pay through vast banking channels.
  • How to pay: Allows users to pay bills online in just a few clicks.
  • Pay IT web app: Allows android/IOS web users to pay all dues on a laptop.
  • Pay IT mobile app: allows parents and students to pay through their cellphones for their educational dues.
  • Centrally integrated: Can be installed centrally and eliminate individual installation at each campus.
  • Full online solution: Pay IT fulfills the online fee management processes of schools, colleges, and universities.


To improve the user experience and increase user confidence in the payment method, we have developed the PayIT platform. The application is now widely acknowledged as the fastest online payment service, one that builds consumer trust centralizes institutions' financial data and encourages other secure payments.  

Project Info

  • Client PayIT
  • Date September 15, 2022
  • Address Architect society Lahore, 160 Garden town Ahmed Block,
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