Our Indian client operates an admin panel of the riding app that helps easily locate nearby passengers and complete a hassle-free ride.

  • Overview

    Clients require a riding app, so we designed one with responsive features.

  • Technology We Used

    • Kotlin • Laravel as Backend • Node.js for Socket events

  • Project Goals

    To develop a riding app to manage the rides automatically anywhere anytime.

  • Project Results

    Using a convenient car booking app that connects with passengers and gets rides automatically.


The client was having trouble controlling the ride flow manually.


We developed a riding app named "Raido" to request a trip. It automatically notifies a nearby driver of your location and sends the request to the driver. The driver who accepted your request will pick you up and take you to the place you mentioned. You can rate the driver when the ride is finished and pay the fare using the online payment option.


The RAIDO app handled every issue, enabling our client to easily drive one of the service cars throughout the city to connect with customers and schedule rides in a matter of seconds.    

Project Info

  • Client Raido
  • Date October 1, 2022
  • Address
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