Unique Group of Institutions

The best school, academy, and college education is offered by a Unique Group Of Institutions, marked as a well-known and highly reputable landmark in Pakistan. The group created its franchised schools and institutions intending to provide a good quality education through a smart system platform.

  • Overview

    The institution needs the best software solutions to automate school administrative tasks, and we provided them with dynamic systems and applications that meet their requirements and objectives.

  • Technologies

    The technology we used is .Net, SQL Server, Web/ Desktop/Mobile.

  • Project goals

    We have focused on raising the organization's productivity and performance to help them achieve their intended education system goals.

  • Project results

    We transform UGI campuses into electronic smart schools by employing our ESM & ERP software modules so that they can simply streamline their regular school administration tasks.


Running their administration and management system manually presents the biggest obstacle for them, including managing their workforce, fees and system management, employees' data and records, the campus management system, admissions procedures, and HR operations records.


They require a solution that enables them to manage the administration and school management activities for all of their campuses by using a single platform solution. A user-friendly and error-free software program that may automatically manage their daily tasks and activities in a few clicks. Therefore, we at Cyber Advance Solutions provided them with our customized software solutions, which are ERP & ESM software systems. Both the software has modules to maintain the school records, tasks, and procedures up to date under one roof. Electronic school management software ESM is an easy-to-navigate, time-efficient, error-free, and web-based school management solution which supported them with the application/software system to tackle all the hurdles of managing the records and information of students, parents, teachers, and institute faculty efficiently. Moreover, system management activities for either their workforce or institution are managed by ERP software. An ERP solution can be used to track a department's performance and operations for improvement while monitoring and giving all employees access to the information they need.


As a result, A unique group of institutions uses our software to execute all of its school management operations automatically instead of doing it manually. Their main campus can simply track all the actions of their other campuses within a single platform. Thus, UGI runs systematically and has automated all of its procedures.  

Project Info

  • Client Unique Group of Institutions
  • Date September 10, 2022
  • Address Head office:Unique Group of Institutions, 106-A, New Muslim Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore
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