All-in-one Online School Management System

Reduce your workload and create a more focused learning environment with electronic school management software. By automating your workload, you can take school management to the next level. We offer easy-to-navigate, time-efficient, error-free, and web-based school management solutions to tackle all the hurdles of students, parents, teachers, and institute faculty efficiently.


Admission Management

The admission management system particularly facilitates the whole admission process and makes admissions more precise. The module helps you not only in processing the new admissions but also in updating the old students when required.


Fee & Financial Management System

This specific module is designed for the collection of the fee within the campus. Fee vouchers can also be generated through which fees can be deposited in the bank. This module can manage all other financial matters.


Question Paper Generator

This module allows the examination department to generate exam papers automatically and more quickly without human interaction.

  • Generate paper by pattern
  • Generate 3 papers of a test
  • Question paper can be set for any number of questions as desired
  • Various difficulty levels (easy, moderate and difficult) can be set. paper series (A, B, C, & D)can be formed automatically
  • Much More

Parents Portal (Android App)

Any notice concerning school or student can be sent to guardians through this module. Parents portal encourages the school to involve guardians in the performance of their kids.

Hiden Features

Electronic School Management

Make your educational institution smarter and get access to all the necessary data with just a few clicks. This can help reduce administrative burden and stress levels, which translates to more time for classes. In today’s digital age, every institution relies on a school management system that automates and simplifies data management procedures and minimizes the risk of errors.


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